I have been drinking beers for many years whilst maintaining no records, merely a mental note for future reference. On occasions I’d remember a beer, buy a pint, then realise why it stuck in my mind – it tasted terrible!

In 2010 I began to record my beers, making notes on appearance, taste and aroma, awarding each an overall mark out of 10. It is those scores which feature on the site, at the Brewers By Letter page.

To date (2nd May 2016) I have sampled 1691 different beers, and have a further 56 beers awaiting assessment/consumption – not all on the same night though!

One of the main things I hear is that it must be an expensive hobby, but not necessarily. Instead of getting unwanted clothes or quirky presents for birthdays and Christmasses, family and friends buy me new beers – a gift I really appreciate. Another thing worth noting is that pubs serve half pints as well as pints. For national stockists visit the Retailers page.

What makes a good beer, then? I’m not a beer brewer, and I’m not interested in the finer details of the process, but I am interested in the final product. If it tastes good, it is a good beer – but every person has different preferences, so going on your own journey is best to find your own favourites.

My personal taste – I’m not a huge fan of coffee flavoured beers, I find them too harsh. I don’t enjoy beers with a strong alcohol content, anything with an alcohol content above 5% generally isn’t to my taste. My scores are reflective of my preferences.

Enjoy your beer journey, and remember – drink responsibly!